Technology Transfer

We believe that open innovation is the most efficient and direct route to achieving critical improvements and breakthroughs. Open innovation is based on the premise that when innovation is allowed to flow across organizational boundaries, everyone benefits. Implementing this strategy, however, can be challenging in practice when solutions or partners exist in a variety of industries or tucked away in a university or government lab.

We engage solution teams from a secure network of brilliant experts, and by combining expertise and diverse perspectives, provide clients with solutions and insights not normally achievable by individuals working alone.

Our advisors put clients in touch with the expertise, technologies, and know-how that shape research and development (R&D) efforts and bring new insight to the organizations. From idea generation to product launch, our services span the innovation life cycle. We help clients explore opportunities that could solve existing R&D challenges, expand product offerings, or direct strategic planning efforts, focusing on innovation strategy development, including formulation of business plans, technology audits, and cooperation scenarios.